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Why Pryme Solutions?

Why Pryme Solutions?

We are living in a fast-paced world full of different cultures and perspectives. Throughout our journey, we are faced with opportunities to shrink or expand. We have the right to blaze our own path, and choose our way. Transformational leadership is needed in these ever-changing times. Leaders who can make calculated risks, seek intentional mentorships, and engage in continuous learning are best equipped to move boldly in an uncertain world. Sometimes that leadership will lead to intended outcomes, while other times will give us unintended consequences. The things we learn while doing set us up to provide wisdom to others.

Therefore, Pryme Solutions was formed. We envision a world with just and fair inclusion into society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. Pryme Solutions is a system design firm dedicated to advancing public interest and building collaborative communities. Our purpose is to build a network of trust builders that advance equity, inclusion and social cohesion in local and global cities.

What are Trust Builders?

Relationships move at the speed of trust. In our work, we’ve seen far too many working relationships stand still because there is no trust in the environment. There are times when things get hard. In these times people entrenched in a dispute become paralyzed by the impasse. Eventually people stop performing effectively. How do we move past this impasse? The smartest way to move towards solutions is through engaging a neutral party focused on reestablishing trust. Once trust is broken it is difficult for parties involved to restore it. An outsider whose primary role is to repair the breach can get people “unstuck”. We provide these services to help people move up and move on. We also work with organizations in transition to help identify these areas of weakness to secure them again. Trust Builders will participate in a leadership boot camp to strengthen this skill. If you are interested in having a Trust Builders Training please contact us, we can help!

Social Innovation

A social innovation is a novel solution to a problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions. The value created accrues primarily to society rather than to private individuals. Our key mechanisms driving social innovation are; (1) exchange of ideas and values, (2) shifts in roles and relationships and (3) integration of private capital with public and philanthropic support. Throughout our work there is a theme of identifying the public interest, potential conflicts, and cultural implications of advancing an agenda. Pryme Solutions focuses our efforts on engaging the public to identify the ideas, aspirations and values of diverse communities to increase public knowledge for our clients. We lead with proactive communication, which allows us to prevent unnecessary conflict.

We are launching Pryme Solutions April 21, 2017! Join us at our kick off Pop Up Salon and sign up to become a Trust Builder with Pryme Solutions. Our goal is to train 17 Trust Builders in 2017. There are sponsorship opportunities on the event page. Our goal is 7 sponsors, 3 one event sponsors, 1 two event sponsors and 3 three event sponsors. Please let us know if you are interested! Look out for our social media campaign #17in17, an effort to count down to our first goal as an organization. Each year we will train a new pryme number of Trust Builders. Make sure you are in the #Inaugural17!!! Here’s to building a network based on trust!


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