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Always Remember 2 Things...

Updated: Mar 25

How people treated you when you were at your worst.

How people prevented you from being at your best.

I hold these thoughts in times of transition. We are all flawed creatures trying to get to wholeness. Those who proceed with dignity and grace will always win people over. But when you work to shift blame in all places you prevent your own personal development.

Living through a pandemic deserves a moment of silence. Most of the time I shift from being in absolute awe of myself for even being alive, to being so deeply empathetic to how poorly the living actually decide to live. We fight so much we don't even remember what we're fighting for. We go through so much only to feel like life is suffering. Suffering is a part of life, but each and every one of us deserve to live in the fullness of adoration and praise. Go where the joy is. Stop trying to make something work that doesn't.

The hardest part is taking the leap. The hardest part is shifting to love when fear has kept you alive so long. You may be amongst the living, but are you really LIVING your life or just frequently escaping death?

My heart is full because today I leaped. I leaped knowing I will land in the reality I create for myself. Stop maintaining a living by building things that belong to someone else and start being the author of your own life.

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