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LaShawndra Vernon 


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LaShawndra Vernon is a creative entrepreneur. Her work is focused on advancing equity. LaShawndra is a mediator with practical experience translating United Nations treaties and sustainability goals to local policy. She’s published training programs to identify conflict, prevent violence and reduce crime. She has an extensive background in public health research, and public policy. LaShawndra is a proud Public Allies Milwaukee Alum, class of 2001. LaShawndra is also known as Firey Phoenix, a performative artist and community healer. 

Impact Profile 

Public Policy 


Social Entrepreneurship

o    Convene coalitions, craft policy recommendations informed by community feedback.
o    Manage academic partnerships. 
o    Develop and implemented comprehensive training and intensive case management programs.
o    Design, implement and evaluate national organizing campaigns. 

o    Manage large community fund portfolios.
o    Diversify funding to increase collective impact.  
o    Manage proposal review process, recruit and train proposal reviewers.
o    Conduct grantee orientations; monitor investments and track progress.

o    Develop, implement, and monitor policies and reports on the impact.
o    Track and evaluate program effectiveness.
o    Financial management & generally accepted accounting principles. 
o   Facilitate change, evaluate strategic plans and measure outcomes. 
o    Manage, recruit, develop, and evaluate staff.
o    Cultivate relationships. 
o    Oversee fundraising plans.  

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